Occasionally we will make various files available here for download. These include files that may be needed on older Windows platforms or documentation.

You may need to download the Microsoft Installer before installing our software. This is an industry standard component that most users already have on their machine. We recommend downloading our software and attempting installation first. If you receive an error during the installation ("Instmia.exe was not found"), please download the installer by using one of these links:
Windows Installer for Windows 95/98/ME (1.6MB)
Windows Installer for Windows NT/2000 (1.8MB)

On some machines you may get an "Unable to load ODBCTL32.DLL" error. To fix it, you must download and install the following file from Microsoft:
Microsoft Jet Database Engine V4

Other Downloads:

To download your order, click here.

To download updates, click here.

For old versions of our software, click here.

To download demos, click here.

For help on downloading, click here.

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