Most significant upgrade since V5.0 hits the streets

OTTAWA, Canada, February 1, 2010 - Slateboard Software Inc., a developer of consumer and business software applications, today announced the latest upgrade to its flagship QuikCalc Amortization product. "We designed this new release with one principle in mind: Keep It Simple Stupid," said President and CEO Robert Kennedy. "With every release, we add features, some of which end up complicating what was already there. With this release, we looked at everything from scratch, from the perspective of how to make the user experience more streamlined, logical--in a word, simple."

The new release comes in four editions. The Home Edition at $49.95, the Premium Edition at $99.95, the Professional Edition at $199.95 and the Office Edition starting at $499.95 for two users. Existing customers can upgrade for half price to any edition, no matter what edition they previously owned. As well, users can upgrade between any edition for the price difference if they decide they need the additional features. "This is another way we have simplified things. The number one question we get is, "What Edition is right for me?". We have simplified this dramatically. All the features of the former Plus! Edition are now in the Home Edition. The Plus! Edition has been dropped, and a new Edition, the Professional Edition, is essentially a single-user QuikCalc Office Edition, but for $100 less than the previous single-user Office Edition price. The Professional Edition includes all the features of the Office Edition, however must be installed locally, and is limited to one user. The Office Edition remains, however is specifically designed for multi-user installations, and includes two users in the price."

Other changes in the simplification drive:

  • The Basic Amortization Schedules have been dropped. Now all Editions include the powerful Amortization Schedules Plus! feature.
  • Recalculating is much simpler. No longer are there 3 confusing options, there is only one.
  • The Amortization Schedules Plus! now includes Advanced and Basic Views, allowing users who aren't familiar with the jargon a view that makes more sense.

"Another area we've improved dramatically are reports," said Kennedy. "The Print Preview screen now allows you to customize the appearance of your reports, save as a PDF, email PDF's, and much more. We've added charts, simplified the report choices, and now allow you to even change the name of the reports. Each report can be customized, and then these changes saved so the next time you open the same type of report, it is already formatted the way you want it."

QuikCalc V8.0 is now available for download or on CD-ROM at

About Slateboard Software

Slateboard Software, founded in 1994, is a software development company that designs software for the consumer and business market. Products include QuikCalc Amortization, DebtCalc Debt Elimination Planner, Retire! Income Needs Analyzer and VehiCalc Car/Loan Lease Analyzer, in use by thousands of individuals and businesses. For more information, visit our web site at

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