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About the Courtesy Edition

QuikCalc Amortization Courtesy Edition is a new type of promotional product that will separate you from the competition. Everyone is trying to find that promotional item that is useful for their clients: pens, mugs, golf shirts, calendars, etc. What usually happens to these things? Ask yourself what you've done with most of the promotional items given to you? What if you could buy a promotional item and then only give it to the people who are truly interested? Buy 100 calendars and be sure that the 100 people who receive it don't throw it out with the recycling? QuikCalc Courtesy Edition is just that.

It is a truly useful promotional item that only costs you when they are interested!


How it Works

QuikCalc Courtesy Edition works differently from other promotional items. Here's how it works:

1. You send us two graphic files. One is usually your corporate logo, the other can be a head shot or some other graphic of your choice. You also fill out a form of easy to answer questions (contact information, company slogan, web site links).

2. We create a custom version of QuikCalc Courtesy Edition that has a splash screen with your images and contact info and then across the bottom of the screen, the entire time your client is using the software, is your information. As well, there is a menu link with all of your custom web links available to them such as your home page, contact page, real estate listings, etc. This program includes the Version 6.0 features of the Solve for Missing Number Calculator, Amortization Schedules Plus! and the Bonus Calculators. This is a truly useful tool!

3. You choose whether you want your clients to have 90 days, 180 days or permanent access to the program. You then choose how many copies you want to initially purchase. You can even buy in bulk for your office, having separate custom copies for each agent that draw down from a central pool of licenses.

4. We give you a web address and a unique code that you can then put on your business cards, web site, email signature, letterhead, fliers, promotional material, etc.

5. As people download the program, your pre-paid licenses are used. People who throw away your business card or flier are obviously not interested and there is no cost to you because they never bothered to enter the code. Those who are interested login to our web site, enter your code, and then download the program.

6. We ask them for their name and email address. They can optionally select to provide you with their contact information. This is a great way for you to build your mailing list!

7. As your licenses are used, we will notify you when you are about to run out and you simply purchase more to top up your account.


This is a truly unique opportunity that your clients will love. They will be getting software for free that they would usually need to pay upwards of $60 for. And they will have you to thank for it with your corporate identity branded on the screen the entire time they are using it.


Screen Snaps of Branded Product

QuikCalc Courtesy Edition is branded with your images and information. Click below to see how it will appear:

Click here to see the branded splash screen.

Click here to see the branded main window as it appears when first opened.

Click here to see the branded main window with the Amortization Schedules Plus! feature selected.



Compared to other promotional items QuikCalc Courtesy Edition is incredibly reasonable:

Number Purchased
90 Day Version
180 Day Version
Permanent Version
100 (minimum)
$1.00 per copy
$2.00 per copy
$3.00 per copy
250 (10% discount)
$0.90 per copy
$1.80 per copy
$2.70 per copy
500 (15% discount)
$0.85 per copy
$1.70 per copy
$2.55 per copy
1000 (20% discount)
$0.80 per copy
$1.60 per copy
$2.40 per copy
2000+ (25% discount)
$0.75 per copy
$1.50 per copy
$2.25 per copy

Note that your code does not expire, only the installed version on the customer's machine. Your code works until all licenses are used. For example, if you buy 1000 uses of the 90 Day Version, then every one of those 1000 downloads, whether made tomorrow or two years from now, will work for 90 days on the user's machine.

To get started, just click here to pre-purchase your licenses. We will process your order and then contact you to gather the information to create your custom version. Note that a setup fee applies if you require multiple setups for your office. We are currently waiving the setup fee for single agent setups.

More questions? Click here to send us an email or call us at 800-858-1522.

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